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In order to help to pay for the time that I spend making Hand Spinning News, I am offering a 'sponsored story' within the content area in return for a very modest flat rate - and an especially modest rate if you are an individual dyer, teacher, spinner etc.

It will look like the rest of the stories; a heading, one or two short paragraphs (strictly 120 words max), one thumbnail image which has a link, and a text link at the bottom. It will be clearly marked as a sponsored story. Here's a recent example:


Main Sponsor

By 'Main Sponsor, I mean the 'brought to you by...' link up there in the top-right and the 'Shop' link there in the top left (and perhaps the 'how to' links if you provide that kind of information)

I've downsized, and it's no longer important to me that HSN promotes my own shop. I am open to working with the right 'main sponsor'. If that might be you, please get in touch.


I curate Hand Spinning News every month. It has a growing email subscriber list, now over 3,000 spinners. These are people who have specifically asked for HSN as a free email using a form such as the one at the foot of the free HSN. Around 500 visitors per month read the content at and hundreds more at third party sites such as (where issues are archived).

HSN is written for people who spin. Many of these will knit, crochet, weave, dye and felt too, and these topics are also included but generally relate to handspun. Read more about the concept and history of Hand Spinning News

I reserve the right to accept or refuse placements. The story must be relevant to the newsletter and of interest to the readers.

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