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The aim is to provide a useful list for HSN readers and the web in general.

If you are a UK supplier and not already on the list, or if you want to update the details that are there, please use the guidance below and send your information to (or reply to any email issue of HSN).

For a very modest amount, all of the information below will be displayed in a coloured box, pinned to the top of the page, include a sales message and all contact details. A complimentary listing is free but not all information will show.


Company name and/or Name:

Provide one or the other or both. Company name is the name of the business, eg "Wheels and Deals". Name is a personal name if you are a single-person business, eg Freda Bloggs

Short description: (max 250 characters)

A brief description of what you sell, not a sales message eg "Ashford retailer"

Sales message: (full listings only, max 500 characters)

Use this space to sell your products. I only ask that you avoid superlatives like "best" or "biggest".

Website, email, address, phone:

Self-explanatory, all are optional. The website link will be active. Complimentary listings are 'nofollow' and paid listings will not be 'nofollow'. If you know SEO (search engine optimisation) you'll know that this is valuable.


Attach to an email or explain where we can find the image, ideally square and will be displayed at 150x150


At present the categories that exist are:

I curate Hand Spinning News every month. It has a growing email subscriber list, now over 3,000 spinners. These are people who have specifically asked for HSN as a free or paid-for email using a form such as the one at the foot of the free HSN. Around 500 visitors per month read the content at

HSN is written for people who spin. Many of these will knit, crochet, weave, dye and felt too, and these topics are also included but generally relate to handspun. Read more about the concept and history of Hand Spinning News

What information is displayed and how it's displayed may change over time. I reserve the right to accept or refuse listings or edit any information provided.

Be sociable

Please share HSN with your friends:


All issues since January 2015 were archived. However, due to old and dead links making bad SEO, I'm not quite sure how to handle this. Watch this space.

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