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In order to help to pay for the time that I spend making Hand Spinning News (I no longer have my own shop) I can offer 'sponsored stories', banner ads and other sponsorship in Hand Spinning News in return for a very modest flat rate - and an especially modest rate if you are an individual dyer, teacher, spinner etc.

If you are a supplier, there is also now a UK Supplier List, with complimentary and paid listings.

Many people use ad-blockers, you may do yourself. Ad-blockers may block any syndicated advertising in the free version of HSN, but will not block the types of ad below.

There must be an existing blog post or article with the full story. This may be news, a review or anything else that I might ordinarily choose to link to in HSN. The summary will be my summary in my voice of the full story that we're linking to rather than a pitch for the book, item, shop or whatever is ultimately being sold.

If the link goes to a shop or the 'purchase' page for a book or product, that makes it a banner ad - see 2. and 3. A max three months for a sponsored story (based on the thing that the story is about, rather than the story itself) before it becomes a banner ad.

An extract from a book does qualify as that blog post or article linked from a sponsored story *if* it stands as an article, tip or tutorial in its own right. But not if it's just a short extract designed as a preview or taster for the book. In the latter case, we'd make a banner ad. A review will qualify if not posted by the author of the book or on their own website or blog.


2. Banner ad within content

This is the kind of ad that you're used to seeing on websites. These banners will appear about half-way down the content of HSN. (I've found that ads over in the right-hand column of HSN (which you may or may not see depending on your screen size) are generally ignored.)

Here's a recent example. (The link is disabled because the event is in the past.)


It's a graphic (with alt text which will the the same as the text in the graphic). Strictly 560px x 93px (Preferably with a 2x version as well, for sharp display on hi-res screens). You can provide the artwork, or I can help with that for an additional fee. Please keep it tasteful (I'm aware that taste is subjective and I tend to have very conservative taste!) Max 3 months at a time.


3. Banner ad near top

This is the same as the banner ad above (2.) but placed near the top of the issue - see September 2017's issue for an example.

There will be one placement only per issue, first come-first served. Max 3 months at a time.


4. UK Supplier List

If you are a UK supplier of equipment, processed fibre or fleece then please get in touch for a complimentary listing on the list. For a modest amount your listing can show more information and be highlighted.

View the list


I curate Hand Spinning News every month. It has a growing email subscriber list of around 3,000 spinners. The content is loosely aimed at the UK and almost exactly 2/3 of subscibers are in the UK. These are people who have specifically asked for HSN as a free or paid-for email using a sign-up form. Around 500 visitors per month read the content online at

HSN focuses on spinning but covers knitting, crochet, weaving, dyeing and felting too, and these topics are also included but tend to relate to handspun yarn. Read more about the concept and history of Hand Spinning News

I reserve the right to accept or refuse placements. The story must be relevant to the newsletter and of interest to the readers.

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All issues since January 2015 were archived. However, due to old and dead links making bad SEO, I'm not quite sure how to handle this. Watch this space.

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