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Hand Spinning News needs support. It is no more than a hobby, especially since I've closed my shops. There are direct costs such as sending the emails, web hosting, which has increased since I made the site secure (you should now see a green padlock in your browser) and hosting the mailing list as well as less direct costs such as spending several days a month doing this instead of paying work.


For the last three years I've suggested a specific amount. Now you can choose to donate any amount you like and receive the longer ad-free* version of HSN two weeks earlier.

You are in control. Instead of anyone billing you, you are setting up a regular payment from your paypal account, which you can change or cancel any time.

Thank you - Shiela

(For amounts smaller than a pound, don't forget the "." If you mean 50p, type ".50")

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The 'pay what you want' above is still relatively new. If for some reason that doesn't work for you, please tell me why - - and we'll find an alternative method.


*ad-free : non-paying email subscribers and readers may now see some 'syndicated advertising' within HSN, placed by Google or Mailchimp. You'll be very familiar with such ads if you use the web. They'll be kept to a minimum, clearly marked as ads and should be reasonably relevant. I am not in control of the actual content of those.

HSN has long carried 'sponsored stories' which I am in control of. These are generally placed by individuals and small businesses for a very modest amount, and are only included if they will be of interest to readers. These 'sponsored stories' will still appear for paying subscribers.


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